Communion cakes

On request, we will make a round Communion cake for girls or boys - it will be the work of the best confectioners responsible for its preparation. A cake that is tasty and is filled with thick and fluffy cream is an essential component of every event to celebrate this sacrament. We offer many interesting sweets at a surprisingly attractive price.


These products they are distinguished by their beautiful decorations and excellent taste. We may make a Communion cake in many versions such as: decorative version on the rack frame, rectangular, round, or in the shape of a book.


Our Sowa Confectionery has a nationwide reach so you will find our outlets in Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Wrocław and Białystok. You can place an order in each of them to get First Communion cakes for children and pick it up yourself or with door-to-door delivery. Sweets for this occasion are always beautifully decorated with elements referring to the theme of the celebration – all of which are made of edible ingredients. On request, we will also add a white chocolate figurine representing a boy or a girl (for example).