A tasty Christmas tradition

Some things never change, despite the passage of time. This Christmas, you can indulge in the sweet memories of your childhood again. Reach for the traditional Christmas pastries and enjoy the best moments with your loved ones.

Poppy seed, icing, cloves, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate… In Christmas cakes we lavish on additional ingredients. This is the secret of our unique aromas and flavours. This Christmas, choose the classic cakes and cookies that everyone loves.

Poppyseed cake with plenty of stuffing, covered with icing and crumble, is a must-have on the Christmas table. As for the stuffing made of dried fruit and nuts, the fruitcake and the Saxon stollen cake delight both the older generations and the youngest guests. The sweet aroma of Christmas will be enhanced by our gingerbread – in the form of small cookies and layer cakes. And finally, the queen of sweets: chocolate - perfect as a Christmas gift, an element of home decor, or decorations for desserts.

Check out the Christmas offer of Sowa Patisserie!

Every year we continue our long-standing Polish traditions, offering the classic products for your Christmas table. However, we still have a modern approach to baking. This Christmas, we offer gingerbread in a variety of forms - layered with plum jam or marzipan, and with sprinkles. In addition to poppy seed cake and fruitcake, we offer our original holiday cakes.

Chocolate-flavoured Christmas

Enjoy our chocolate products made with love and taste.

Christmas gifts from Sowa Patisserie

This year, hand-made sweets will prevail under the Christmas tree! Our Christmas gift sets make the perfect presents for your nearest and dearest, friends and colleagues. We have prepared a variety of sweet boxes for our customers. Chocolate, gingerbreads, spicy cookies and aromatic coffee – choose the best gift from Sowa Patisserie!


Christmas set (small)

Contents: Christmas treat with plum jam, instant coffee 100 g, hearts in chocolate 3 pcs, Christmas chocolate, hazelnut in milk chocolate and star cookies 10 pcs.


Christmas set (large)

A rich set of sweet Christmas gifts including: a Christmas drift, Christmas treat with jam, Michał's cookies 250 g, ground coffee 250 g, tea 100 g, Christmas chocolate, star root cookies 10 pcs, florentines 150 g, cranberries in chocolate.


A set of cups

A set of two elegant cups with a capacity of 300 ml with saucers is the perfect gift idea for couples - both family and friends. The tasteful shape and decoration with the characteristic motif of the Sowa Patisserie will emphasize the delicious taste of coffee and allow you to create a truly cafe atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.