Occasions big and small - let’s celebrate them all!


Typical cakes served in a casual way doesn’t match your dream wedding party idea? Or maybe you would like to turn the birthday party of your child into an unforgettable moment? Choose a candy bar - a table full of sweets, which will please both the taste buds and the eyes. Create your own arrangement or rely on the experience of professionals who will magically prepare a wonderful composition with a chosen main theme for you. .

The advantage of such a way of serving delicacies is that any combination of treats is possible. Desserts alone for ‘the sweet buffet’ are not everything though! What matters most is how they are presented so that they light up the eyes of your guests. So, be sure to choose a party theme!

The most fashionable wedding treat


In addition to themed liquor bars, sweet buffets are increasingly replacing become traditional forms of serving at wedding receptions. Properly presented, they an integral part of the decoration of the event. For a glamourous style, opt for golden éclairs and chocolate pralines. Macaroons, cupcakes and frosted cookies will be perfect for a romantic theme. Let the decorations accompanying the sweets harmonise with each other in style and colour – this way you avoid unsightly chaos on the table.

Birthday party with a candy bar


When talking about the birthday menu, the cake immediately comes to mind. Of course, the baking itself will work only when we invite guests only for a short ‘coffee and cake’ meeting. But what if you are planning a larger party or hosting it in a rented facility? Then, a piece of cake is just not enough. A candy bar for a birthday party will be perfect as an appetiser before the most important dessert. Adapt the delicacies in the buffet to the age of your guests. For elderly people, give up hard drops and candies and opt for puffs and cheesecakes. Don't forget to have a proper personalised table decoration – especially if it's a round birthday.

A sweet buffet for a children’s party


A children’s party without sweets?! In the case of the youngest, such a solution is simply not an option. The sweet buffet for children is slightly different to that of adults. First of all, you can allow yourself a bit of madness in preparing the menu and arrangement. Don't be afraid to overdo it - kids won't mind the unusual variety of colours and flavours. Jelly beans, marshmallows, cake pops, dragees - the more types, the better (do not overdo it with the number of individual sweets). The chocolate fountain, which may be the main attraction of the table, will be a sensation at the party. If you want to slightly reduce the level of sweetness, also prepare fruit on sticks and mini cakes with a reduced sugar content. When planning a candy bar, take into account the main theme of the child's birthday party - Halloween, superheroes, their favourite cartoon - and prepare the appropriate decorations.