Sowa Kids Cakes

When organising a party for boys and girls, you need to check out the special cakes for birthday parties for children prepared in Sowa Confectionery. Our cakes are not only the guarantee of a delicious taste, but also beautiful decorations. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for the youngest gourmands. Our birthday cake is a must-have of a party - it will surely delight every guest, no matter the age!


We will make delicious custom-made sweets for you, which you can pick up at one of the sales points or buy with delivery to the address you choose. Sowa Confectionery means great taste, high quality and a wide variety of products. Sowa kids’ cakes are available in many interesting variants which will appeal to even the youngest of fussy eaters. Sowa kids cakes offer colourful decorations referring to popular cartoons such as: Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, The Smurfs, Mickey Mouse etc. Birthday cakes for children – both boys and girls – are made of sugar paste or cream decoration, fluffy sponge cake and cream with the addition of fruit, nuts or chocolate.